Executive Board

President: Michael Killea

Vice President: Jim Applegate

Treasurer: Kaethe Schuster

Secretary: Jennifer Doherty


Board Positions 

Regional Vice President - West -- OPEN POSITION

Officials and Umpires Representative - Men's Game – Bob Pradella

Coaching Education Coordinator -- Henry Montgomery

Officials and Umpires Representative - Women's Game – Glenn Gallagher

IRS Specialist & Legal Counsel - Matt Breuer

Communications & Website Manager – OPEN POSITION

Youth Representative - Boys - Dave Vernon

Middle and High School Representative – Boys - Brad Sterling

Youth Representative - Girls -- OPEN POSITION

Middle and High School Representative – Girls -- OPEN POSITION

Sportsmanship Coordinator -- OPEN POSITION

Chapter Teams Coordinator -- OPEN POSITION

Diversity Representative -- OPEN POSITION

Events Coordinator -- OPEN POSITION

Hall of Fame and Special Awards Coordinator -- OPEN POSITION

Fundraising/Sponsorship Coordinator – OPEN POSITION

Program & Grant Coordinator -- OPEN POSITION



If you are interested in any of our OPEN POSITIONS, please contact us at northfloridachapter@gmail.com

Liaison Positions

Women’s Game High School Chair - Joe Fanning

Women’s Game National Tournament Sub Regional Selection Chair - Joe Fanning

Men’s Game High School Chair – Jonathan Montes